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Website Bundle
  1. Website Terms of Use
  2. Website privacy policy
$799  $499
  1. Mutual NDA,
  2. Independent Contractor Agreement,
  3. Client Services Agreement

    + LIVE 30 Mins Attorney Call

$1047  $799
Entrepreneur Bundle
  1. Mutual NDA,
  2. Independent Contractor Agreement,
  3. Client Services Agreement
  4. Website Terms
  5. Privacy Policy

     + LIVE 60 Mins Attorney Call

$1795  $1495

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a law firm first. But, we also file on your behalf and provide legal consultation.

Startup Dox is a subsidiary of Selvarajah Law PC, a law firm licensed to practice law in NY and MA. When you buy a product from us, whether it’s a LLC filing or a contract template, you agree to a Limited Legal Representation agreement with us, which allows us to give you legal advice on your company and/or contract for that scope and time period.

Sadly, no – just for the limited scope and time of your product purchase. We may send you helpful tips and email check ins, but this will be after your official legal representation ends.

For the Filing – when we complete your filing and send you your EIN and Operating Agreement to sign, barring any exceptions from any state/federal agencies beyond our control.

For any Contract template – you have up till 14 days after purchase to have your Contract template to be reviewed by us. On the 15th day, our limited legal representation to review your contract ends. You may reengage us with another engagement to “start the clock” again.

Awesome. We’re here to help. If we can assist, you will need to sign with a new legal representation agreement engaging our firm for your new services.

Not at all! First, the prices are low because we believe that cost should NOT be a barrier to effective legal service. Business owners need a solid business team behind them to scale well, and should start early to build their foundation. The reason we can make this affordable is that we provide limited legal representation for the scope and time of your purchase (within 14 days of purchase). Same quality of legal advice, different time limit.

Unfortunately, each contract has to be bought separately, at this time to give you the specialized information per contract. However, we are always looking to improve our efficiency and this is one of our 2021 Goals.

Not to hound you, but we do send gentle reminder emails within 3 days of purchase for you to start and complete your form. Your DOX Form does NOT expire, but after 14 days, our complimentary attorney review ends. After that it is $150 to re-engage us before we proceed and your Review call is subject to availability.

Please email us at We will send you a web-based form immediately for you to create your contract.

Please email us at We will send you the right DOX Form immediately for you to create the right contract, and rescind the wrong DOX Form.

We encourage you to read the product descriptions before and send us any questions via email to before buying!

If you still buy and complete the current form to the best of your ability (kudos to you!) we can edit your current contract to reflect your needs on your complimentary attorney review. Just answer back to the email upon completion with your questions and needs for the contract.

We encourage you to have all the information within 3-7 days of purchase for us to file so that we can comply within the 14 day allotment, or else it will be $150 to re-engage us after the 14 days of purchase.

Please do not hesitate to email us directly for any clarification on any information requested.

We encourage you to send questions via email to and complete the current form to the best of your ability. The beauty of Startup Dox is that you will always have an attorney reviewing your agreement!