Unilateral Non-Disclosure AGREEMENT

If you’re about to do business with another person or company, it may be crucial that you have a Non- Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in your business dealings.
Tip: Alternate name for the Non-Disclosure Agreement is a Confidentiality Agreement.

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Our Unilateral Non -Disclosure Aagreement (NDA) protects the disclosure of your essential intellectual property for the operation of your business. That hair product recipe, special cupcake mixture, or the secret technique you use to get repeated results, belongs in this agreement. Before you share your trade secrets with another person, for the purpose of helping you push out more inventory or to create better products – legally bind that person or people to “keep your secret” with an NDA.

This NDA protects you, only. If you need a Mutual NDA that equally protects both parties, consider the Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.

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A Unilateral Non-Disclosure Agreement or NDA (commonly known as Confidentiality Agreement) is an Agreement that the Recipient of the information (Person or Company = Recipient) will not disclose YOUR specific information for your project and/or purpose of your business transaction. This is a FULL agreement that protects you, only.